Brain Injury Lawyer Kennewick, WA

Brain Injury Lawyer Kennewick, WA

Brain Injury Lawyer Kennewick, WA

Washington law allows accident victims to pursue damages against the party or parties that were responsible for the accident that caused their injuries. When you have decided that you want to obtain the services of a top brain injury lawyer in the Kennewick, WA area, you may be wondering what to expect. Brain injuries can have a tremendous impact on people and are usually a result of sports injuries, car accidents, medical malpractice, and other causes. However, negligence often plays a role. If your brain injury was due to the negligent actions of another individual, a lawyer like one from Telaré Law can assist you so that you can receive the settlement you deserve.

Methods of Diagnosing a Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries are serious. The long-term effects of TBIs include memory loss, persistent ringing in the ears, and constant neck pain. Speed is essential to diagnosing an injury and delivering effective treatment. Delays in medical attention or poor evaluations could worsen a victim’s condition. Under such circumstances, speak with a brain injury lawyer in Kennewick, WA, about whether pursuing litigation makes sense.

In-Person Tests

Before ordering scans, physicians often perform a patient assessment known as the Glasgow Coma Scale. This 15-point test gives the doctor a thumbnail idea of an injury’s severity level. Through simple instructions, the medical professional observes physical responsiveness to outside stimuli. Motor function of eye movements, for instance, is graded. A high score indicates a less severe TBI, whereas lower scores hint at a bigger problem, potentially justifying legal services from Telare Law.

Scientific Tests

Computerized tomography scans, more commonly known as CT scans, help identify injured areas of the brain. By creating cross-sectional images, they extract information that can help diagnose TBIs. These scans are helpful when a patient has cerebral swelling or bleeding. Such situations can be deadly and thus often require immediate surgery. If your loved one suffered permanent effects or died because an operation did not happen fast enough, contact a brain injury lawyer in Kennewick, WA.

Magnetic resonance imaging, better referred to as an MRI, uses radio waves and magnetic fields to examine a patient. It extracts information about a brain’s stem and nerve tissue in ways a CT scan cannot. 

Angiographies are for brains penetrated by foreign objects. These tests allow a better look at how much blood vessel damage has occurred. Another device is an EEG, scientifically known as electroencephalography, used to measure electrical activity. Intracranial pressure monitors check how much swelling exists. Clients of attorneys at Telare Law should bring results from these exams when meeting to discuss their situations.

Other Tests

Further diagnostic assessments may be necessary for a variety of reasons. Insurance companies want them, and they provide information that comforts family members. Rehab centers widely use the Functional Independence Measure. This test is usually combined with the Functional Assessment Measure to decide whether a patient discharge is reasonable. The Disability Rating Scale uses eight items to quantify a brain injury victim’s overall disability.

The brain injury attorneys at Telare law understand the value inherent in all these tests. If an important one was skipped or performed incorrectly, that information could be valuable in a forthcoming lawsuit.

Brain Injury Lawyer in Kennewick, WA

Navigating the claims process can be overwhelming, but with an experienced legal team at your side, you don’t have to go through it without support. At Telaré Law, we are passionate about providing legal assistance to clients who need it. For people who have suffered a brain injury, your life is forever changed. If you or a loved one are living with a brain injury, don’t wait to know what your rights are. You may be entitled to monetary compensation, which can help you with your medical costs and other expenses. 

Understanding your legal options can seem like a disorienting and long process. You can count on us to be there for you with personalized legal support. Give us a call today if you need advice and personalized guidance if you are interested in filing a brain injury claim. There is limited time to act so explore your options sooner than later.

Causes of Brain Injuries

Falls, car accidents, sports injuries, assaults, and medical errors are common causes of brain injuries. Sadly, many accidents that lead to brain injuries are preventable. Negligent acts can result in brain injuries. For example, a nurse who fails to monitor a patient while they are under anesthesia can be pursued for medical malpractice. When you obtain the help of a brain injury lawyer who offers services to Kennewick, WA residents, they will assess your case and find out the exact cause of the brain injury and aggressively pursue the person responsible.  

Types of Brain Injuries

The brain is one of the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of the brain, so any impact to the brain can be catastrophic. Brain injuries come in many forms. They range from blunt, violent blows to the head to penetrating injuries that cause internal damage, like bleeding and tissue damage. Common brain injuries include concussions, aneurysms, hypoxia, and skull fractures. All types of brain injuries can cause serious or irreparable damage, so they must be treated immediately. 

Legal Options After a Brain Injury

Many injuries a victim suffers in an accident are fairly apparent – broken bones, lacerations, burns, and contusions – and signal to the victim they need to seek out medical attention. But there are other types of injuries that the victim may be unaware of, especially if they are suffering from delayed symptoms of that injury. One of the most common is a brain injury. Unfortunately, as a brain injury lawyer in Kennewick, WA knows, it is not uncommon for a victim to have suffered an injury to the brain and not show any signs of that injury on the outside of their head.

Many brain injuries start out with little or no symptoms at all; instead, the victim gradually develops serious to severe symptoms over the course of hours, days, or even weeks. These symptoms can leave the victim unable to work or even go about their activities in their day-to-day lives. A brain injury victim may be entitled to financial compensation from the party or parties who caused the accident that resulted in that injury.

Medical Expenses and Lost Wages

No matter what type of accident caused the brain injury, the medical expenses to treat this type of trauma can be high. The bills usually start out in the emergency room, where the victim may have arrived by ambulance. In order to diagnose a brain injury, the victim’s doctor will usually order CT scans, MRIs, X-rays, and other tests. Depending on the severity of the injury, there could be surgery needed, as well as hospitalizations, rehabilitation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, medications, and more. The medical bills for a serious brain injury can quickly run up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In addition to the huge amount of medical bills, there is often the added financial burden and stress of the victim being unable to work while they recover. Most victims do not have a job with unlimited paid sick time, and a victim could quickly use up whatever paid sick, vacation, and personal time they have and still face months of recovery with no income coming in.

Both medical bills and loss of income can be compensated in a personal injury lawsuit filed on your behalf by a Kennewick brain injury lawyer.

Pain and Suffering and Other Damages

Accident victims not only suffer financial losses from a brain injury. There is also the non-economic losses a brain injury victim is left with. While these types of losses do not have a dollar value like medical bills and lost wages, a victim can receive financial compensation for them in an injury lawsuit.

Some of the common non-economic damages a Kennewick brain injury lawyer can pursue on your behalf include the following:

  •       Pain and suffering
  •       Emotional anguish
  •       Loss of life enjoyment
  •       Scarring
  •       Disfigurement

 Legal Assistance is Available

It is not too late to receive help if you act soon. Waiting too long can cause delays in processing your claim, or you might not be able to submit it in time. Find out your legal rights and learn about your options. A lawyer can inform you about the claims process and advise you on how to complete each step. Talk to a skilled brain injury lawyer in the Kennewick, WA area by arranging a risk-free consultation.


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