Car Accident Lawyer Kennewick, WA

Car Accident Lawyer Kennewick, WA

If you have been injured in a car accident, and what happened was not your fault, you should call a car accident lawyer Kennewick, WA trusts for legal advice. Following a collision, you may be facing enormous medical bills and the inability to work. Relationships may be strained, you might feel emotionally distressed, and your ability to enjoy your daily activities may be greatly affected. A scenario like this is all too common; however, it can be extremely upsetting. Having the right car accident lawyer in Kennewick, Washington on your side may benefit you.

For years, Telaré Law has been a legal advocate for victims of car accidents and their families. We are well aware of the tactics used by insurance companies, and we know that they know how to take advantage of those who are most vulnerable. Let us review your case and help you to understand what legal options may be available to you. Call Telaré Law today. 

Auto Accident Legislation in Washington

Car Accident Lawyer Kennewick, WA In general, a car accident will leave it’s traces. Physical evidence can be invaluable. The sooner it is gathered, the better it might help your case. It is not your job to investigate what happened. Rather you can rely on your lawyer to take care of complicated issues that may include the investigation process. Telaré Law can gather evidence, investigate the scene, review the police report, analyze witness statements, and determine who may be at fault. If we find another party caused your accident, compensation may be available. Every accident is inherently unique, but the insurance company might treat your case as routine. We would recommend that you only pursue your case with the help of a car accident lawyer Kennewick, WA has to offer. 

Even if a car accident lawyer believes you are at fault, they will need to prove it. In general, they happen because of recklessness, negligence, or malicious intent. Examples include:

  •         Speeding
  •         Driving while distracted
  •         Failure to stop or signal
  •         Driving under the influence
  •         Ignoring road hazards or weather conditions

In some cases, criminal charges may be filed against the defendant. For example, if they were drinking and driving, at the time of the accident, a criminal case may be opened. Even if they are facing charges, you still have the right to file a civil case. Depending on the circumstances, a car accident lawyer in Kennewick, WA may choose to include negligence and reckless behavior in the claim. This could result in a greater amount of compensation available. That said, it is not possible to let you know what you could recover without fully investigating your case. 

Car accidents can happen literally anywhere. You need to understand how the accident happened-what caused it-and who is liable for it. The type of accident may also dictate what kind of injuries you sustain, or are most commonly sustained in these types of accidents. That can help you confer with a doctor about getting checked for injuries related to the type of crash you were in. If you’re bringing a claim, certain types of accidents are easier to tell who was responsible and can make filing easier.

Head-on collisions happen when somebody goes the wrong way on the road or exit ramp. This happens quickly and often there isn’t enough time to right your path to your side of the road, and that’s part of why these types of accidents are devastating and fatal. These are the least common, though, so there’s that little bit of information to set your mind at worry. The fault on this is usually clear because somebody was driving on the wrong side of the road.

Rear-end collisions are very common, but are not as damaging as they often happen at lower speeds. This is because you might rear end someone while parking, slowing down in traffic, going through a light, are a few examples. The rear driver is often presumed to be at fault, but this isn’t the case all the time.

Side-impact accidents result when a vehicle fails to yield the rules of the road-often meaning that they’ve not yielded to another vehicle at an intersection. This means that these are common and they can be dangerous. Side-impacts hit parts of the car-the driver’s or passenger’s sides-and these sides of the car are not as structured and protected as the front or rear ends. This leaves people in side-impacts open to a wide variety of injuries.

Sometimes accidents, such as chain reaction accidents, involves 3 or more vehicles. This means there must be an investigation to determine who was at fault for the overall wreck and if anyone was at fault for their specific wreck during a chain reaction event. Often, more than one person is at fault, which means each person would have different liability to claim for the wreck itself. These are probably one of the most dangerous types of wrecks, because you can sustain a lot of injuries in various places. Furthermore, this litigation is more complicated as each victim may sue for amounts from each liable party.

There’s also single car accidents and these accidents are usually due to the person who was in the car-often these are rollovers, crashing into inanimate objects like trees, or otherwise sitting still. Sometimes single car accidents are due to a defect in the car.

Reach out to a car accident lawyer if you have questions about a car accident that you were in. An experienced lawyer will be able to help you process and file a suit against the liable parties in your accident.

Sometimes, no one caused your accident. If this is true you might wonder whether filing a claim is possible. The short answer is, that it depends on what happened. It is possible that a vehicle part was defective or malfunctioned, or there was a road defect that should have been corrected. A good car accident lawyer in Kennewick, WA can review your case and determine what happened.  Call Telaré Law today for a consultation.