Causes of Personal Injury Accidents

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Injuries sustained from personal injury accidents that could have been prevented can lead to tragic results. As a personal injury lawyer like one from Greenspan & Greenspan, P.C. can explain to you, there are a wide range of accident cases that fall into the category of personal injury. If a person deliberately or unintentionally acts in a manner that results in another person being harmed, they can be sued by the victim. If you have suffered injuries due to one of the following accident types, you could benefit from obtaining the specialized services of a skilled personal injury lawyer. 

Vehicle Accidents

From car accidents to truck accidents, any accident involving a motor vehicle can cause severe bodily injury. For many victims who have been injured in vehicle accidents, the trauma can stay with them for a long time. Many accidents occur because of a driver’s reckless actions, distractions, sleepiness and driving under the influence. 

Slip and Falls

Slip, trip and fall accidents are some of the most prevalent types of cases that a personal injury lawyer often handles. Unsuspecting victims can fall and sustain an injury after walking across slippery surfaces, tripping over objects, or falling down stairs. Property owners of establishments like hotels, restaurants, and grocery stores are responsible for clearing hazards so that guests who enter their premises are safe. 

Dog Bites

Pet owners are responsible for ensuring that they have control of their pet, especially around other animals or people. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. If pet owners who don’t secure their animals or fail to leash them properly, and the animal ends up biting a victim, the owner can be sued. A lawyer can provide you with legal assistance if you have suffered a dog bite or another injury by someone’s pet. 

Falling Objects

Flying or falling objects can injure people walking across premises, such as on construction sites. Victims can sustain severe injuries such as head injuries and spinal cord injuries from getting struck by sharp or blunt objects. Sometimes falling objects are a result of negligence, such as when an object is not secured properly. 

Whatever the cause of your injury, a personal injury accident lawyer can provide valuable legal assistance and help you recover compensation so that you can get back on your feet and resume your daily life. To request more information and receive an assessment of your case, contact a skilled personal injury lawyer now.