Dog Bite Lawyer Southeast WA

Angry aggressive barking dog in a steel cageDog Bite Lawyer Southeast WA

Dog bites can be difficult personal injury cases, as you need to be able to prove negligence occurred or that the owner was in some way irresponsible. There are many different factors that will play into whether you have a case, how much compensation you will be able to seek, and what kind of evidence you have to present in court. No matter what, you should contact a dog bite lawyer in Southeast WA from Telaré Law as soon as possible following the injury. Not only will your lawyer want to make sure to gather and file all of the paperwork on time, but it will also be a crucial time to be able to collect evidence and witness statements while they are still fresh. 

Proving that the Owner Was at Fault

It is important to have some kind of argument proving that the owner could have prevented the injuries you sustained from their dog. As long as you were not trespassing on the owners’ private property, you may have a case. You should try to collect any kind of evidence that you can from the scene of the accident so that you have proof in court to offer a judge. Some important proof could include witness statements, video surveillance footage that caught the accident, or even testimonies that this particular dog was aggressive in the past. 

Injuries People Sustain from Dog Bite Accidents

There can be many different complications from dog bite injuries. Some of these include bad disfigurement, nerve damage, or even internal bleeding if a dog punctures a person deeply enough. These injuries can range from mild to severe and can have lifelong consequences. A person may need surgery to recover, or even different things like facial reconstruction surgeries to make sure they look more similar to the way they used to before the accident. 

Pain and Suffering and Other Damages

There are many different things you will want to seek in a dog bite case. It is crucial to get all of your medical bills paid for, as well as possibly damages for the emotional turmoil you have been through. Being involved in an accident like this is incredibly traumatic and may even make you have post traumatic stress after the fact. You may be jumpy around dogs and fearful when you see one. You deserve to be compensated for this and to have the ability to get any kind of cognitive therapy you need to get used to being around dogs again. Do not hesitate to get legal assistance with your case. Contact a dog bite lawyer from our firm to get help today.