Electric Scooters and Personal Injuries Kennewick, WA

Electric Scooters And Personal Injuries

Electric scooters have offered a new way to travel urbanscapes throughout the United States. This means that people using motorcycles, bicycles, and cars have to share the sidewalk and road with a vehicle that doesn’t seem to fit properly in either area.

Some people who need electric scooters are lifesavers. However, for others, they’re a nuisance. Recent consumer reports investigations suggest that scooters are actually a safety hazard. The organization has found that around 2,000 electric scooter riders have been injured in the span of 18 months. And they estimate 8 of those riders have died due to injuries that they’ve gotten from scooters.

Electric scooters are becoming more available in various locations throughout the United States, and this means the number of injuries is going to go up. This means personal injury lawyers are having to research laws surrounding the scooters, especially as local governments take action to write laws regarding scooters on the road.

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What Are E-Scooter Programs?

Electric Scooters and Personal Injuries Kennewick, WA Programs like Bird, Lime and Spin are operating across 90 cities in the United States. Some cities even have hundreds of scooters available for people to use. If you’re interested in using a scooter, that’s sponsored by a company listed above, there’s an app and you use it to unlock the scooter that you’re standing in front of – paying a small fee to unlock the scooter. They typically have per-minute charges.

These types of scooters go up to 15 miles an hour and have a range of 15 to 40 miles an hour. Users arrive at their destination and can leave their scooters anywhere. There’s nowhere for users to put their scooters like with bicycles and bike racks.

This is a dangerous issue because someone might trip over your haphazardly discarded e-scooter. In the event of a personal injury lawsuit, your lawyer may need to research laws and regulations surrounding the legalities of e-scooters.

E-Scooter Related Injuries

With the rising number of e-scooters comes a rising number of increased injuries due to e-scooters. Researchers from UCLA found that from 2017 to 2018 roughly 300 people visited two Los Angeles hospitals over scooter-related injuries-the majority of these injuries were to scooter riders.

The CDC has even given their thoughts on e-scooters. They launched their first e-scooter investigation in 2019 and found that 200 people roughly in Austin, Texas suffered scooter-related injuries. 48% of those injuries were head injuries, while the rest were upper limb injuries.

Local Bans and Lawsuits

E-scooter riders and non-riders are turning to the courts-they’re demanding that e-scooter companies be held liable for injuries that their products cause. There’s a lot of worry that injured riders will struggle to defend themselves and prove the company should be held liable over themselves (the riders). Some cities have even banned e-scooters, or limited when you can operate an e-scooter. Some cities even banned these scooters from the sidewalks and walkways.