Find Top Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer in Kennewick Washington

Find Top Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer in Kennewick Washington

Find Top Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer in Kennewick WashingtonWhen you place your loved one into a nursing home you expect the best treatment possible but when that doesn’t happen you need to find the top nursing home neglect lawyer in Kennewick, Washington to help you with your case. Our elderly loved ones mean the world to us and we want to make sure they have the best care possible when placed in a nursing home. Especially if the family isn’t able to handle both the care taking role when it comes to medical issues that can arise. 

The last thing on anyone’s mind when having to find a nursing home is the potential for nursing home abuse. 

Nursing Home Injuries

There are many kinds of injuries that can happen in a nursing home, such as a slip and fall but there are many injuries that are due to neglect. While you may be aware that your loved one could fall, which would be an accident, you may not be aware that your elder suffered an injury due to neglect. 

When your loved one is hurt to neglect it is because there was a long-term familiar to address a resident’s health and wellbeing, which led to a serious injury or even a wrongful death. Here are some of the most common nursing home injuries that happen: 

  • Bedrail Injuries 

While bed rails are common to help residents from falling out of bed there are some dangers that can happen. Residents can get stuck between the mattress and the bed rail which can lead to breathing problems, suffocation, or cardiac arrest. If someone isn’t checked on this could also lead to a resident having to climb over the bedrail and falling. 

  • Bedsores

These are also known as pressure ulcers which happen when a resident lies in the same spot for a long period of time. This causes the skin to become damaged and can even be necrotic. About 2% to 28% of nursing home residents suffer from bedsores according to the CDC. Meaning nursing home employees aren’t providing care. 

  • Infections 

According to the CDC, there are about 1 to 3 million infections that occur every year at long-term care facilities. These infections kill up to 400,000 residents a year. When a nursing home staff member fails to prevent infections or doesn’t treat them correctly, they can be found responsible for the other health problems that happen or even the death. 

  • Falls and Fractures

Slip and fall accidents happen and are the leading cause of injury-related death to those over 65. These falls can be serious. When a resident falls due to the neglect of a nursing home staff member it makes the staff member liable for what happened. Often the elderly need some help geting from place to place or even just up, and when that isn’t provided people get hurt. 

If you are looking to find the top nursing home neglect lawyer in Kennewick Washington then reach out to the team at Telare Law today to learn more about what we can do for you and your loved one.