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There are many different reasons drivers and passengers may be injured or killed due to road defects. Drivers need to be continually on the lookout for changes in road design and objects on the road. State, county, and private road designers need to design roads to minimize the likelihood of accidents. Repair and maintenance companies need to fix known dangers promptly. Some roads or stretches of roads may need to be closed until repairs can be made.

At Telaré Law, our knowledgeable car accident attorneys work aggressively to explain why roads were defective, show what steps should have been taken to avoid the defects, and determine who is responsible. Road defects can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles, crash into other vehicles, or collide with barriers and other road obstructions. Our Kennewick road defect lawyers work with investigators, engineers, the police, witnesses, and others when accidents happen. We demand compensation for all your economic and non-economic losses.

How Can We Help?

  • What types of road defects cause car accidents?
  • Who is responsible for road defect accidents?
  • What are the state’s unique dangers from mud, land, and rockslides?
  • What injuries can occur from accidents on defective, dangerous roads?
  • How much is my road defect accident claim worth?
  • What are the time limits for filing a road defect accident case?
  • Is there a road defect accident lawyer near me?

What Types of Road Defects Cause Car Accidents?

Some of the numerous types of road defects that cause accidents include:

  • Bridges that don’t have correct clearance markings
  • Icy, slippery, and treacherous road surfaces
  • Guardrails that are broken or missing
  • Potholes and sinkholes
  • Roadway construction or landscape construction that obstructs the vision of a driver
  • Traffic signals and signs that are missing, don’t work, or are inaccurate
  • Dangerous on and off-ramps
  • Lane dividers that aren’t properly highlighted
  • Confusing traffic signs and traffic patterns
  • Poor or missing lighting
  • Road surfaces that are uneven
  • Roads without shoulders wide enough for drivers to safely occupy
  • Rocky, gravelly, or unlevel road surfaces due to roadway construction
  • Road debris, including storm debris or wheels, tires, vehicle parts, or spilled cargo
  • Dead road animals
  • Road drainage that leaves roads wet
  • Overhanging trees and/or excessive vegetation
  • Roads where the curves are too steep
  • Hairpin turns

Road defects can cause drivers to lose control as they attempt to avoid the defect or drive over the defect. Cars, trucks, and motorcycles may roll over, swerve into other lanes of travel, rear-end cars stopped in front who are also trying to avoid the danger, or crash into a ditch. Missing traffic signals and road signs can cause head-on crashes, broadsides, and other catastrophic car accidents at intersections.

Who is Responsible for Road Defect Accidents?

There are many different defendants that may be liable for your injuries or the death of a loved one when a road defect accident happens. Possible defendants include:

  • Governmental agencies and entities such as the Washington Department of Transportation, the state, county, and others
  • A driver
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Construction companies
  • Contractors
  • Maintenance companies
  • Repair companies
  • Snow and ice removal companies
  • Other defendants

Our Kennewick road defect attorneys understand how to determine who is responsible for a road defect accident. We file claims against all responsible parties. We understand what laws and regulations apply.

What Are the State’s Unique Dangers From Mud, Land, and Rockslides?

Our state has some of the most beautiful land formations in the country. It is also one of the landslide-prone states in the country, according to the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. Our unique geological formation, combined with climate change and land clearing for construction purposes, can make our ground and mountains unstable, which in turn increases the risk of land and rockslides. In early 2022, US-730 was shut down for about two weeks because of falling rocks. And while no one appears to have been harmed, the economic impact that a slide like that can have is tremendous.

So, what can you do if you are hurt in a rockslide? The answer is, it depends. In some cases, you may be able to make a claim through your homeowners’ insurance (provided you have coverage). According to the American Bar Association, you could also potentially have a claim against:

  • Property developers and agents
  • Your neighbors
  • Government agencies
  • Prior owners

These cases can be challenging and may be even more so if a rockslide causes a car accident which leads to your injuries. For example, if the car next to you swerves to avoid a falling rock and hits you, that driver should be liable for damages – but as with anything, exceptions can and do exist. Telaré Law has years of experience handling these types of claims and understands the unique nature of them. If you are hurt because of a rockslide, don’t delay: call us.

What Injuries Can Occur From Accidents on Defective, Dangerous Roads?

A defective roadway can lead to a serious accident, which can lead to serious injuries. Common road defect injuries include a traumatic amputation, spinal cord injuries, multiple fractures, compound fractions, head trauma, internal bleeding, internal organ damage, vision loss, hearing loss, paralysis, burn injuries, and other catastrophic injuries.

Motorcycle riders need to be especially cautious. Just one bump could cause the riders to fly onto the hard asphalt or into another vehicle. Road rash is a common motorcycle accident injury that often requires skin grafts and plastic surgery. Victims usually are left to cope with scarring and disfigurement.

How Much is My Road Defect Accident Claim Worth?

Accident victims are entitled to compensation by responsible defendants for:

  • All medical bills including ER care, hospital care, doctor visits, rehabilitative therapy, assistive devices, and medications – for the rest of your life if necessary
  • All lost income including wages, profits, benefits, and long-term disability income
  • Your daily physical pain and emotional suffering
  • Any scarring or disfigurement
  • The inability to use any parts of your body
  • All the property damage caused by the accident

If a loved one tragically died, a Kennewick road defect lawyer could file a wrongful death claim on behalf of spouses, domestic partners, parents, and children.

What Are the Time Limits for Filing a Road Defect Accident Case?

While most personal injury and wrongful death claims have a three-year statute of limitations, the time limits for lawsuits against the state and governmental entities and agencies is more complicated. For starters, governmental defendants must be notified promptly that there was an accident resulting in a claim so they can defend the action, and so they can make necessary repairs or changes.

There are also very specific requirements for filing a complaint against the state or its agents.

Our strongest recommendation is that all traffic accident victims contact Telaré Law as quickly as possible. It’s critical in road defect cases that we investigate the roadways and the road defect before any steps are taken to repair the defects. The sooner we speak with you, the sooner we can review the liability issues, and whether you are seeing all the doctors you need to see.

Is There a Road Defect Accident Lawyer Near Me?

Telaré Law advises clients from our office in Kennewick located at 819 South Auburn St. We also have a Richland office. We advise clients at their homes or other convenient locations when necessary.

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Delay can hurt your claim. Contact Telaré Law as quickly as possible after a road defect accident. Our  lawyers only represent personal injury victims and the families of anyone killed in an accident. We handle the cases other trial lawyers are afraid to take because they’re too complex. Our lawyers have a strong record of success in obtaining high-value verdicts and settlements.

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