Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Walla Walla, WA

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Walla Walla, WA

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Walla Walla, WA- trucks driving on the roadIf you are a pedestrian and you are in a car accident, then you are likely caught off guard by a massive moving metal, that is the vehicle. Oftentimes pedestrians receive catastrophic and fatal injuries, and if you were injured in a pedestrian accident because of another driver’s negligence on the roadway and you were not at fault, you may be able to receive compensation.

Having a pedestrian accident lawyer Walla Walla, WA residents rely on such as the one available at Telare Law is a great way to find out about the laws in Washington state. But first, let’s talk about injuries to the pedestrian because injuries to pedestrians often come from one of two sources — either they are directly involved in the impact of the collision which causes broken bones, torn ligaments, and cuts on the soft tissue, or the pedestrian is thrown into the sidewalk, the street, against buildings, or otherwise receives injuries such as traumatic brain injuries and hemorrhages from the force of being thrown.

A pedestrian accident lawyer in Walla Walla, WA is going to tell you that medical treatment is very important, if you are a pedestrian and you were injured in an accident or even just involved in an accident you should act as if you were injured and speak to a medical official immediately after that accident. Pedestrian injuries such as brain injuries are not going to be immediately apparent to the accident in every case, this means that if you do a full medical evaluation from your doctor or hospital, you ensure that you are protected in the event that you are injured and require a lawsuit down the line.

Telare Law believes in taking control of your trials, they do not negotiate settlement offers instead they turn around and demand the deserved compensation and they are an aggressive litigator. Even if they are not going to trial, they will litigate as if they are. They are committed to helping their clients, they have strong representation, and they are on your side.

Washington state has a lot of laws that apply to who pays and how much when it comes to pedestrian accidents, and usually the person that was negligent and proven to be guilty of negligence is going to be legally liable. Therefore if you’ve been in a pedestrian accident your lawyers are going to tell you that proving your case means that you must prove negligence, causation, and damages.

Essentially you must be able to prove that your injury came from the negligence of somebody else, that accident and the negligence from that person caused your injury, and that there are damages that you need to deal with. These damages could be medical bills, loss of wages, and more every case is different.

Proof of a driver’s negligence is shown in many different ways, you can show it by their intoxication levels of alcohol or drugs, distracted driving such as cell phone use, speeding, moving violations, and failure to follow the rules that apply to the roadway, and much more. Proof of causation means that you need eyewitness testimony including your own, videotape evidence if it is available, as it will evidence from the scene of the accident, the please report, and an admission against interest. To prove your injuries you need your medical bills, Dr. notes, reports, testing, and photos of your injury.