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Holding Washington property owners liable for injuries
Owners of property in the Southeast Washington region have a duty to ensure their property is safe for people of all ages. Seniors are likely to suffer severe injuries because injured body parts such as broken hips don’t heal quickly. Children are prone to injuries because they fail to recognize dangerous conditions. Construction site owners need to ensure workers, drivers, and pedestrians are warned that construction work is being done, and that the construction site is dangerous.

At Telaré Law, our Richland, WA personal injury lawyers represent anyone who has been injured in the Tri-Cities region. We understand why commercial property owners, nonprofits, and homeowners are responsible for serious injuries, and why those injuries were preventable. Some injuries such as head trauma, spinal cord injuries, amputations, burns, and dog bites require surgery and long-term therapy. Victims may live with permanent scarring and disfigurement. Our trial lawyers are skilled at trying cases in court and negotiating strong settlements with insurance companies.


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  • What is duty of care?
  • Is there a different duty of care for children?
  • What steps should property owners take to ensure their property is safe?
  • What kinds of Richland premises liability claims does your firm handle?
  • Who is liable for property accidents in Southeast Washington?
  • What is my Richland premises liability claim worth?
  • Do you have a premises liability lawyer near me?

What duty of care do property owners owe people in Richland?

Owners of property ask people to use their property for various reasons. The duty of care differs depending on the reason the person is on the property.

The highest duty of care is owed to invitees. Invitees are people the owners invite onto the property to work, shop, use services, engage in social activities, and for other reasons. A high duty of care is also owed to licensees. Licensees are people who have the right to be on the property such as people who walk on a neighbor’s sidewalk – but are not on the property to benefit the property owner.

No duty of care is owed to adults who trespass on property – have no right to be on the property. Property owners do have a duty of care to ensure the safety of their property to children in some cases.

The general duty of care of any property owner includes conducting routine inspections of the property for possible dangers, fixing known dangers, warning uses of known dangers that have not been fixed, hiring security guards, complying with building codes, and responding to complaints about the condition of the property.

Is there a different duty of care for children?

Property owners owe the same duty of care to children who have a right to be on their property as they owe adults. For example, if a child is injured walking through a construction zone or buying food at a restaurant, the property owner may be liable for the child’s injuries or death.

Owners of property in Washington also owe a duty to children – even if the child doesn’t have a right to be on their property. This duty is based on the “attractive nuisance doctrine.” This doctrine essentially states that children are curious and don’t always appreciate dangers. If their curiosity causes children to explore a swimming pool, trampoline, an uncovered well, equipment, or other items on someone else’s property, the owner can be liable if the child drowns, suffers head trauma due to a fall from the trampoline, or other serious injuries.

The attractive nuisance doctrine requires that property owners take affirmative steps to ensure that a child cannot enter the property. These steps include installing fences and alarm systems. The property owner should have warning signs about known dangers. Pools should be covered when not in use. Property owners may be liable if they fail to install lights.

Our Richland premises liability injury lawyers represent children and parents when child injuries happen on the property of others.

What steps should property owners take to ensure their property is safe?

Property owners should:

  • Conduct routine inspections where they look for any dangers that may cause injuries to workers and users of their property.
  • Respond to complaints from customers and anyone who notifies the owners of a possible danger.
  • Make timely repairs.
  • Warn users of the property when repairs can’t be made in a timely manner.
  • Anticipate known problems such as snow and rain which can create slippery conditions.
  • Comply with building code requirements.
  • Comply with state and local laws such as dog bite laws.

At Telaré Law, our lawyers seek records of all complaints, building code violations, repairs, and other documents that can help show the owner of property knew of a danger and failed to provide a remedy.

What kinds of Richland premises liability claims does your firm handle?

Our Richland premises liability lawyers represent children, seniors, and adults who are injured due to a:

  • Dog bite. Washington state has a strict liability dog law. This law states that dog owners are liable for any harm their dog causes due to a bite – even if there was no prior indication the dog might bite. There is an exception for police dogs. Dog bites can cause penetrating wounds, disease, infections, lacerations, and permanent scarring and disfigurement. Children are especially prone to dog bites because they don’t appreciate how dangerous dogs can be.
  • Construction accident. Construction companies that are hired by the government or private companies must ensure the safety of their contractors, pedestrians, and anyone who might drive near the work zone.
    • Electrical contractors, plumbers, glaziers, masonry workers, and many other contractors may be injured while using power tools, cranes, forklifts, scaffolds, or other types of equipment and machinery. Construction injuries include head trauma, burns, spinal cord damage, traumatic amputation, burns, electrocution, exposure to dangerous toxins, and severe bone injuries.
    • Drivers who approach roadway construction sites should be steered away from the site, so they and the workers aren’t harmed or killed.
    • Pedestrians should be warned not to walk near or at a construction site. Alternate walking routes should be provided.
  • Other types of accidents. Children, seniors, workers, and others may be injured if machinery, tools, escalators, elevators, and other products are defective. Property owners need to warn everyone if they know that a dangerous product isn’t working correctly.

Who is liable for property accidents in Southeast Washington?

Part of the skill of being a respected premises liability lawyer is to understand exactly who is responsible for your injuries or the death of a loved one. There’s a lot of skill involved in determining who is liable in a premises liability claim, and why the defendants were negligent.

Possible defendants include:

  • The construction companies
  • Parent and subsidiary companies of the construction company
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • A landlord
  • A tenant
  • A repair company
  • A maintenance company
  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors

What is my Richland premises liability claim worth?

In personal injury cases, maximizing all the small details is what adds up to a large verdict or settlement. Victims of premises liability accidents in and near Richland are entitled to the following damages from liable defendants:

  • Medical expenses include hospital bills, doctor bills, rehabilitation care, assistive devices, and medications, for as long as you need medical help
  • Lost income and loss of future earning potential
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • The functional inability to use a body part
  • Loss of consortium (marital companionship)
  • Property damage (vehicle damage and damage to other property)

In some cases, we may also seek punitive damages.

If a loved one died, we file a wrongful death claim on behalf of the family of the decedent.

Do you have a premises liability lawyer near me?

At Telaré Law, we conveniently serve Southeast Washington accident victims. Our Richland office is located at 1321 Columbia Park Trail, Suite B, Richland, WA. We also meet with clients in Kennewick. When necessary, we see clients at their home or a hospital.

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