the personal injury attorneys at Telaré Law.

We have a fiery passion for the preparation, the fight and the justice that comes with going to trial. Each personal injury case offers a challenge, but each challenge is one we know we will summon and conquer. Our clients have been harmed, we determine the losses and seize the risk it takes to receive true, maximum compensation. We aren’t afraid to admit we’re about winning, even if that means other lawyers hate us. But we promise you’ll be pleased with the results.


Andrea Clare, Personal Injury Attorney

Andrea is a native to the Tri-Cities community. She attended Gonzaga Law School and returned home to begin her legal career and raise a family. She has always been particularly drawn to the courtroom. Her extensive litigation experience and trial work in a variety of practice areas began in 2007. Andrea’s aggressive litigation style resulted in her admission to the Eastern and Western District of Washington federal court, Eastern and Western District of Washington bankruptcy court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Washington Supreme Court and Division I, II, and III of the Washington Court of Appeals.

Andrea’s practice quickly gravitated toward representing injured people. Namely, her desire to be in the courtroom, helping people, and passion for justice made this a naturally great fit. Indeed her significant success is a result of doing what she loves for ‘work’.

When she is not at the office or tending to her three young kids Andrea enjoys the outdoors, cooking, reading, and traveling.

“When my client retains me to pursue a claim or file a lawsuit, it usually represents reliving the most traumatic years of their life, consideration of their family’s future, and possibly even the ability to make a living. It is my business to completely understand and fight hard to protect those things.”

Where we started

It's important for an attorney to be exposed to many areas of law before they decide on a specialty. That way, when they do choose an area of specialty, they are passionate about that area.

Hello. I'm Andrea Claire and I'm an attorney at Telaré Law. Probably the thing that sets us most apart is our start, our beginning. We both started at an office that allowed us a great opportunity to go a lot of different areas, which was fantastic for practitioners that don't necessarily have a direction and then find it. Because we were able to be exposed to so many different areas of law, so many different courts, and really got to find what it is that we loved. And I think that that's pretty critical.


George Telquist, Personal Injury Attorney

George has a litigation and trial practice that focuses mostly on large tort claims, car accidents, medical malpractice claims and other types of claims where people have been injured at the hands of another.

George has litigated cases at all levels, from arbitration and jury trials to arguments before the Washington State Supreme Court. His State Supreme Court experience includes significantly changing law in granting minors access to courts for injuries suffered at the hands of health care providers. George has handled cases in several counties in and throughout the State of Washington.

As a trial lawyer, George has obtained great success. This includes being awarded millions of dollars from juries during his career, as well as collecting tens of millions of dollars in settlements for injured people from insurance carriers.

A graduate of Washington State University and Gonzaga School of Law, George is both an active attorney and also enjoys the great outdoors and activities with his children.

Very Professional — 5.0 Stars

George Telquist was the most aggressive and hardworking lawyers I’ve ever met. I would highly recommend him or else I wouldn’t be writing this email.

– Lllammma, December 10, 2018

Why I became a personal injury attorney

Early on, George learned he didn’t want to fight for insurance companies. He want to help people who have actually been injured.


Hi, I'm George Telquist. I'm a trial lawyer at Telaré Taw. My first job, I largely did insurance defense work representing casualty companies, car accidents, representing companies against those that were injured. And I realized that to really help the people that needed help, I needed to represent the person that was hurt. The law in many respects, can be rather cold and uninviting and an injury work is the one area for me at least, where I am able to work with people and individuals and get to know them and really get to help them so that when I run into them outside of the courtroom, I have a client who has been compensated for the harms that they've suffered at the hands of others.