Telare Law Scholarship

Telare Law Scholarship

Telare Law ScholarshipAt Telare Law, we are dedicated to protecting those who have been harmed, experienced loss, and suffered due to another. We are committed to helping innocent victims obtain the justice and compensation they deserve, while holding offenders responsible for their wrongful actions. Common cases we have handled in the past include medical malpractice, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, and other types of personal injury cases.

We believe that those just starting out in law need the chance to learn, make a positive change in their community, and get confirmation that this field is right for them. We are proud to offer the stepping stones so that future leaders of the legal field have the opportunity to experience the hard work and reward of what they do.

We aim to see that law students, no matter their background or status, have access to learning about the justice system by those already successful in the field. Here at Telare Law, we know how important it is to be a support resource for students, who may one day grow into influential lawyers and make a difference in the lives of people in our community, and beyond.

If you or someone in your life is interested in a scholarship at a seasoned and reputable law firm, we encourage them to submit an application. Here are the eligibility requirements and other criteria we are looking for: 

Application Requirements:

  • A current resume
  • A current unofficial transcript from high school or college
  • Photocopy of identification (school I.D., driver’s license, etc.)
  • A brief cover letter describing how you plan to help make a difference in the justice system if you were provided this opportunity 

Next Step Instructions:

  • Applications must submit their completed application including a resume, transcript, copy of identification, and cover letter by email or mail
  • Submit application prior to the deadline on September 15, 2022 (If applying by mail, documents must be received in office by deadline)
  • Scholarship applications can send via email to:

Telare Law Scholarship

Telare Law
Attn: Andrea Clare and George Telquist
1321 Columbia Park Trail
Richland, WA 99352

Further Considerations
A strong drive for law and justice is a necessary quality in our scholarship winner. If chosen, you will experience alongside us what it is like to assess a client’s loss, fight for their right to compensation for what they have endured, and hold offenders accountable for how their actions have affected another. We hope to hear from you very soon and will contact you if we believe you could be a fit for our team.