The Steps To Take After an Accident When You’re Pregnant

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Car accidents are scary ordeals, and they often result in panic. If you are too panicked after a collision, it can be challenging to determine your next steps, and if you are pregnant, taking more time than necessary to react can lead to greater trauma for you and the baby.

Therefore, before you are ever in an accident, it is best to know how to respond. That way, in the situation, your brain will tap into previously learned information, allowing you to act instinctively. The process following a car accident is not complicated. Following a collision, you only need to adhere to five steps. 

  1. Call Emergency Services

You will need to contact the local authorities to report the collision, especially if it was severe enough to cause damage to either vehicle. Whether you call the local police department directly or dial 911 will depend on the severity of the collision and the urgency of medical attention. If you are not aware of the injuries to the other driver and cannot get out of your vehicle to see, then it is likely best to dial 911.

  1. Assess Your Injuries

Before you call, you will want to assess your injuries. If you are pregnant, you will want to pay particular attention to any bruising around the abdomen and any bleeding that is not accounted for. As you are in a fragile state, it might be best to wait for an ambulance to arrive before attempting to exit the vehicle. However, if that is not the safest option available, exit the car and get to the nearest safe place.

  1. Answer Police Questions

When the police arrive, you will want to answer all of their questions directly. Do not give too much detail or choose to elaborate on your feelings about the event. Talking too much can risk your future claim if you choose to go to court.

  1. Gather Evidence and Information

Either before or when the police arrive, you will need to take pictures of any damage. You will also need to get the personal information of the other driver.

  1. Visit With Your Doctor

When the ambulance arrives, you can allow the paramedics to look at you, which you should if you’re pregnant. Even if you decide not to take a ride to the hospital, you should see your doctor the very same day. 

If you were injured in a car accident, contact a local personal injury attorney, such as an auto accident lawyer from John K. Zaid & Associates as soon as possible.