Wrongful Death Lawyer Kennewick, WA

Wrongful Death Lawyer Kennewick, WA Wrongful Death Lawyer Kennewick, WA

After losing a loved one to negligence, reckless behavior, or malicious intent, you might wonder whether or not it is possible to file a wrongful death claim? The ability to pursue legal action will depend on whether the death could have been avoided, but happened because of the actions of another person. When this general rule can be applied, you will likely be able to recover compensation. Realistically, you should ask a wrongful death lawyer in Kennewick, WA to review your case.  

We know how devastating losing a loved one can be. Taking legal action might feel impossible. For many people, the thought never comes to mind because of the overwhelming amount of grief. At Telaré Law, we offer you our condolences and want you to understand that we will be at your side throughout the legal process. It is our goal to make this time as easy as possible. To do this, we handle as much of the case as possible so you can focus on your healing. 

The majority of wrongful death cases handled by Telaré Law are related to car accidents, premise liability accidents, slip and falls, and medical malpractice. We have years of experience with these types of cases, as well as those that are less common. Our zeal for personal injury law, and our access to an eclectic range of resources can make a big difference in the outcome of a case. Let us find out what options may be available. Call Telaré Law to speak with a Kennewick, WA wrongful death lawyer. 

Should I File a Wrongful Death Claim?

Many people are reluctant to pursue legal action at first. Their motivation may be limited in part due to the emotions flooding the mind. As difficult as it might be to ask a wrongful death lawyer in Kennewick, WA for help, we find that many families find a sense of closure when doing so. Legal action cannot turn back time, but it can provide financial relief for loved ones. This can result in the ability to concentrate on the healing process. 

In most of these cases, a settlement will be reached before ever setting foot in a courtroom. In the event this is not possible your lawyer may choose to proceed with an official lawsuit. As soon as this happens, a different process will need to take place. The furthest the case could go is to trial, and if the jury is in favor of the defense, you will have the right to appeal. In general, this is very rare. When Telaré Law accepts a case, we do so because we are confident in our ability to handle it, and win. In fact, we accept 99.9% of all cases on contingency. This means that you pay nothing up front, and only if we win. Let us review your case to find out if compensation for the following is available

  • Medical care prior to the death (related to the accident)
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of benefits
  • Loss of consortium
  • Pain and suffering

If malicious intent is a factor, your lawyer might also pursue punitive damages. These are generally only available when the death was tragic and related to assault, battery, and other acts of violence or malicious behavior. About 5-10 percent of cases will include punitive damages. 

FAQs About Wrongful Death Cases

At Telare Law, we receive a lot of questions about wrongful death cases. They range from the broadest of strokes to the nit-picky details. Here are the three most frequently asked questions we hear.

How Do I Know if It Was a Wrongful Death?

If your parent, child, or spouse dies as a result of someone else’s intentional action or negligence, it is likely to be a wrongful death. These causes could range from personal injury to medical malpractice, from nursing home negligence to murder. A wrongful death lawyer in Kennewick, WA, can help you determine if it was a wrongful death.They can then help you decide if you want to pursue a wrongful death claim.

Is It Worth Pursuing a Wrongful Death Case?

Whether or not you decide to pursue a wrongful death case depends on a lot of factors. One major consideration is whether you would be able to get any financial remuneration out of the perpetrators of your loved one’s death. If the person, business or governmental entity doesn’t have sufficient insurance, it may not be worth putting yourself through the rigamarole of legal action. 

Another factor is the financial need you may experience. This can include the loss of income your loved one would have brought in if they were still able to work. Added to that is the loss of service they’d perform around the house, like mowing the lawn or washing dishes. Then include any medical bills, any pain and suffering if your beloved lived for a while before dying and funeral costs. The numbers can add up quickly. A wrongful death lawyer in Kennewick, WA, can help you decide what’s best for you.

What if an Insurance Company Calls Me and Wants To Settle?

You should definitely contact a wrongful death lawyer in Kennewick, WA, such as Telare Law if an insurance company contacts you for any reason relating to the death of your loved one. The insurance company may be trying to low-ball you, offering a low amount of money in hopes that you’ll say yes just to get it all over with. 

The problem with that is that the insurance company isn’t on your side. They’re trying to get away with giving you as little money as possible. Remember, they’re a business, and their responsibility is to their stakeholders. Your wrongful death attorney can help you by negotiating with the insurance company to get a better settlement, or take the insurance company to court if they are unwilling to settle on a reasonable price.

Call Telaré Law to Explore Your Legal Options

You should not pursue wrongful death damages on your own. These cases tend to be rife with hurdles. Having a wrongful death lawyer in Kennewick, WA on your side can be very beneficial. To learn more, call Telaré Law.