Types of Wrongful Death Cases

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Nobody ever expects to lose a close family member due to somebody else’s negligence, and there is no amount of money that can fix the loss of your family member or friend, however you should not have to undergo financial hardships because somebody else was negligent enough to kill someone that contributed to your household.

If somebody else is to blame for your loved ones passing then you should reach out to a wrongful death lawyer, such as the ones available at the Saavedra Law Firm PLC.

Some of the most common wrongful death cases occur in everyday life. Car accidents and motorcycle accidents are very common, and if you have a valid claim on filing for a wrongful death lawsuit due to negligence on another person’s end, you must be able to prove they were driving distracted, drunk, drowsy, speeding or otherwise breaking the laws of the roadway. If any laws were broken while they were on the road, and somebody died because of the accident that resulted from their lawbreaking, then you should reach out to a wrongful death lawyer, because you most likely have a case.

Commercial truck accidents are very different from regular car accidents. This is because there is no one person at fault right away. Your wrongful death lawyer is going to have to look at a lot of elements to determine who caused the accident, who is at fault for this accident, and how each part of this truck and its company contributed to the accident. This means that your wrongful death lawyer is going to be looking at oversized room properly secured loads as commercial trucks do you have a weight limit that they are allowed to travel with. Your lawyer is also going to be looking for mechanical failures, signs of improper maintenance of the truck, driving errors with the driver or intoxication of the driver and more.

Did you know the pedestrians and bicyclists have a very high risk of injury and death due to negligence on the roadway? Many cases bicyclists and pedestrian accidents are caused by car driver neglect. This is because pedestrians may be crossing in a crosswalk and for some reason someone will not stop on time, or in the bicyclist’s case they are on the road in the bicycle lane and somebody does not know the laws involving bicycles on the highway.

Medical malpractice also counts as wrongful death if somebody dies due to medical malpractice, in fact it is estimated that 200,000 patients in the United states every year die due to medical malpractice instances. Birth injuries, a failure to diagnose, prescription errors, surgical errors, anesthesia errors, nursing home errors and more could lead to wrongful death instances of a medical malpractice focus. In this case you would want to ensure that your wrongful death lawyer in understands medical malpractice laws.