What If a Driver Didn’t See Me Riding My Motorcycle?

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Motorcycle accidents are often much more severe than other automobile accidents. Motorcycles don’t offer the same protections as a truck or other passenger vehicle, so injuries are more often sustained and fatalities more often occur. If you’re in a motorcycle accident and the driver who hit you claims he or she didn’t see you, can you still seek compensation? It depends on the specifics of your accident, as a motorcycle accident lawyer like one from Davis & Brusca, LLC can explain to you.

The Situation for Many Motorcycle Accident Cases

When a driver admits that he or she did not see you, it’s typically an admission of fault. Many motorcycle accident cases play out this way because the other driver is trying to make it seem as though you did something wrong by not being seen. Unfortunately for the other driver, it’s his or her responsibility to watch out for you as much as it is your responsibility to watch out for other drivers. If a driver doesn’t see you, he or she is often at fault and you are often able to collect compensation.

Alternative Situations That Place Blame on the Motorcyclist

Although it’s the responsibility of the driver to watch out for motorcyclists, there are some situations in which the motorcyclist is responsible for not being seen. For example, if it’s late and dark and the motorcyclist doesn’t have proper reflective gear on, or if his or her headlamp is burned out, the driver wouldn’t be able to see the motorcyclist no matter how much effort is put into it. 

Another example might include if the motorcyclist is hanging out in the driver’s blind spot. There may be other drivers and witnesses who can testify to the fact that the other driver checked his or her blind spot, signaled properly, moved slowly and cautiously, and did everything right. If you failed to pay attention to the driver, didn’t move out of the blind spot and ignored the signals, it’s possible you would be responsible for the accident and not be able to gain compensation. 

Getting a Lawyer Involved

When you’re in a motorcycle accident, it often helps to get a lawyer involved. Your lawyer can help you gather evidence that either proves your innocence or downplays your role in the accident. Whether you did something wrong or the other driver made all the mistakes, you deserve proper representation. Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer today so you can get a legal professional involved in your case for compensation.