Wrongful Death Attorney

Wrongful Death Attorneys

Coping with the loss of a loved one can be one of the most trying times for a family. But when a loved one’s death is due to the negligent actions of another, you and your family are entitled to pursue compensation to secure your family’s future. If your family has experienced the trauma of a wrongful death, let our team of wrongful death lawyers in Tri-Cities, Walla Walla, Spokane and surrounding areas fight for you.

Tri-Cities Wrongful Death Lawyer

Our Tri-Cities wrongful death attorneys in Washington know that wrongful death claims occur when someone dies as a result of negligence, where if the victim had survived, they could have pursued a claim for personal injury. Wrongful death includes a tragedy from defective machinery, dangerous products, treacherous environments, and/or negligence from someone else. If someone you loved passed away due to the actions of someone else, don’t settle, investigate your family’s legal rights.

Without a medical or legal background, you cannot be expected to know your rights. At Telaré Law, our wrongful death attorneys are experienced in handling wrongful death claims and we guide you through every step of the legal process.

Wrongful Death Personal Injury Claim

Never assume that you don’t have a claim. Insurance companies often try to reject liability, but we work aggressively to find the facts that demand recovery. At Telaré Law, we know there is no amount of financial payment to fill the loss of a loved one, but there is a need for financial security in your future. There are many factors to calculate the value of your wrongful death claim:

  • Medical bills
  • Funeral cost
  • Loss of financial support
  • Savings of the deceased
  • Loss of companionship and loved one

When your family is a victim of tragic wrongful death you need a wrongful death law firm to help you with the insurance companies, fight for you, and protect your rights. We know that no amount of financial compensation will right the wrongful death, but it will assist with your financial strain.

Our Tri-Cities wrongful death attorneys understand that the last thing you want to do is file a wrongful death claim. We understand that by doing this, it means you are coming to terms with the fact that someone you loved very dearly is gone. No one should have to go through this but we know that many people are forced to. If you are considering filing a wrongful death claim and want to know how to get started with the claims process, call our office now. We want to be there for you and your family through this difficult time by making sure the legal aspects of your pain are taken care of. Give us a call. 

When you want to get started with the claim, doing so can be complicated without the help of wrongful death attorneys in Tri-Cities. You may not know where to begin with the claim or whether or not you have what you need for a case at all. This is one of the first ways an attorney can help you. They can: 

  • Go over your case. We know it’s hard to understand, but first, we will go over your case to ensure you have what you need to file a proper claim. We will want to know what caused your loved one’s death, who caused it, and if you or someone else has the right to pursue this wrongful death claim. 
  • Go over the evidence. We will want to learn about what kind of evidence you have that will show someone else’s negligent actions caused your loved one’s wrongful death. 
  • Prepare and file the complaint. When you start the complaint process, you will want to name the defendant in the claim and start listing the information regarding the wrongful death. You will also want to state what kind of compensation you are hoping to get as a result of your loved one’s death. Your attorney will ensure that the claim you file has the proper wrongful death elements and that it is filed on time. 

Filing a wrongful death claim on your own can not only be incredibly difficult during such a hard time for you and your family, but it can be downright impossible if you have no legal background. You will need to understand the necessary elements of wrongful death claims, provide sufficient evidence for your claim, and know when to file and what information to provide. 

Contact a Tri-Cities Wrongful Death Attorney

After tragedy strikes your family, you need the help of experienced, dedicated, and resourceful lawyers to help you recover the monetary damages you deserve. Don’t settle, contact Telaré Law today to speak with an experienced wrongful death attorney. When you work with our Tri-Cities Washington wrongful death attorneys, you can get peace of mind knowing that we will help in every way we can. 

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