Wrongful Death Lawyer Tri-Cities, WA

Wrongful Death Lawyer Tri-Cities, WA

Wrongful death lawyer  Tri-Cities, WADecorative Scales of Justice in the CourtroomIf you have a family member that has died as a result of somebody else’s negligence. This is a very emotional and painful time for family members, a wrongful death lawyer Tri-Cities, WA residents rely on at Telare Law understand this. This is why Telare Law wants to focus on compiling your case so that you can grieve without worry. 

Telare Law understands that you are not going to want to deal with a ton of paperwork or phone calls and insurance companies, and that is why they are going to do it for you. They will take the lead on building your case, ensuring that they catalog everything needed for the case, and have expert witnesses to support your case. Trial preparation is an important part of wrongful death claims, and Telare Law is going to ensure that you are properly prepared to deal with a trial if it goes to that. Otherwise, they will prepare you to deal with settlement meetings. 

In Washington state, wrongful death is the act of death being caused by a wrongful act, neglectful measures, or default of another. This is according to the Washington Rev Code 4.20.210. So essentially, if someone else is at fault for the death of your loved one, a wrongful death has occurred. The legal fault of another person or entity can be found in many cases such as medical malpractice cases, liability cases, car accident cases, and even intentional acts of crime.

States often allow for family members to file a wrongful death lawsuit, but under Washington law, you are required to be the executor or personal representative of the estate to bring the claim to light, and working with a wrongful death lawyer in Tri-Cities, WA will be helpful to determine who the executor is and whether they are allowed to bring the case forward.

Washington allows for a parent or legal guardian to claim the death of a child as a wrongful death case only if this child has no surviving spouse, partner, or children. There are specific circumstances to this law too and working with a wrongful death lawyer in Tri-Cities, WA will ensure that all laws are followed and viable. 

If the child was under the age of eighteen, the parent or guardian can file a suit or join a wrongful death action if they have regularly put money towards the child’s upbringing. If the child was older than eighteen years, they must have significant involvement in the child’s life to be able to file the case. 

Reach out to Telare Law’s wrongful death lawyers in Tri-Cities, WA to talk about your case and ensure you understand the laws according to Washington state.