Personal Injury Law Firm Richland WA

We take the cases they can't.

The Telaré solution is to take control through trial. We don’t negotiate settlement offers, we demand deserved compensation through aggressive litigation as if we are going to trial whether we need to or not.


The Telaré Personal Injury Firm process.

Harms & Losses

The first step is building a catalog of our client’s harms and losses. We clearly determine the costs incurred when the client was harmed, what they lost, and what that loss looks like over their lifetime. This process requires detailed research and consulting the proper experts every time. The sooner we get started the better.

Trial Preparation

Once the client’s harms and losses have been determined, the next step is trial preparation. Our clients have lost something that can never be replaced, which means every case is handled as if we are going to trial to ensure justice is maintained. This aggressive approach makes opposing parties sweat under pressure.

Settlement Success

We’re trial lawyers, it’s what we do, and our aggressive process model leads to success. Whether the case ends in trial or not, putting the party at fault to the fire is the only way we achieve maximum compensation for our clients.

Consult a Personal Injury Attorney

If you’ve been injured, you have already paid the price of admission. You deserve an attorney who's going to be aggressive and make "them" sweat.



What's important I think that when you first meet with somebody, that you start prepping for trial immediately.


If the insurance carrier and those third person understands that you're ready to try the case and you are ready to go to trial, you will maximize the compensation for your home and your loss.


This is not a case that's just going to immediately settle. We're going to consider every aspect of the case, just as if we were going to try it tomorrow.


If you're consulting with an injury lawyer, you've already paid for the cost of the admission, because you've been injured.



Confident, Trusting, and Compassionate

Andrea has worked diligently to assist me and my husband with a medical malpractice case. As a Christian Family, we never thought we would find ourselves in a situation that required us to seek legal assistance. However, we have learned that the justice system is intended to protect and serve those who are wronged. Andrea fights for what is right. Her integrity and work ethics are exemplary.

– Veronica, March 10, 2014
5.0 Stars

Very Professional

George has helped me in previous cases. He is aggressive (in a good way) and very, very professional. I recommend George to anyone seeking an attorney.

– anonymous, November 17, 2017
5.0 Stars

Want an attorney who doesn't mess around? Hire George!

I am so impressed with the tenacity and professionalism of this attorney! I have been able to count on George for results...period. He gets the job done and he doesn't mess around. Very easy to talk with and is always quick to respond and/or update you with the information you need. It is very convenient to be able to communicate with George.

– Nathan, January 29, 2011
5.0 Stars