Steps to Take After an Accident
Seek Medical Care

Call 911 in an emergency. If emergency services are not needed, anyone involved in an accident should schedule an appointment with their doctor to ensure any delayed injuries are caught and treated.

Document the Scene

Take pictures and videos of the accident scene and the surrounding areas. Speak to any witnesses and get their contact information whenever possible. A police report may also help prove fault in a case.

Contact a Lawyer

Contact our Kennewick personal injury lawyers when you are facing unexpected medical bills and missed time from work. We could help you secure financial compensation so you can focus on healing.

Kennewick Personal Injury Lawyer

Competent counsel for injury victims and families

When another person or entity’s negligence causes you harm, you’ll likely face an uphill battle as you fight to get the compensation you deserve for what happened to you. When you’re already hurt and stressed, you shouldn’t have to take on the insurance companies by yourself.

When you choose Telaré Law, you’re choosing a true partner on your path to justice. Our Kennewick personal injury lawyers have the skills, resources, and experience you want on your side when you need help. Our track record of success on behalf of the catastrophically injured shows that you don’t have to go far to get the help you need; it’s right here in your backyard. You can count on us to protect your rights and secure your future.

Why you need a PI attorney for your accident


You need someone who has a history of managing these cases and knows the ins and outs of state legal codes. We know which rules you need to be aware of.



We understand you may be in pain or focusing on your recovery. We handle the day-to-day tasks of your case so you can take time for healing. We will keep you updated on all progress.



Insurance companies will try to lowball you a settlement offer unless a lawyer is there to advocate for your rights. Do not let them try to end this quickly. We can identify the real value of your claim.


Decades of Experience Handling Personal Injury Cases in Kennewick

A serious personal injury can change the course of your life forever. It’s hard to focus on healing when you’re grappling with mounting bills, lost wages, and fear for your family’s security. Telaré Law represents clients who have sustained truly catastrophic injuries – injuries that may be permanent, or which will have life-altering ripple effects. Contact our injury attorneys in Kennewick for help with cases involving:

We understand that there are unique considerations for injury cases involving children, and that these types of cases require a different approach. We have experience working with parents whose children have sustained irreparable harm.

No matter how you are injured – on someone else’s unsafe property, as a result of a dangerous consumer product or medication, or because of the gross negligence of others – we have you covered.

Kennewick Personal Injury Lawyer

Our team
Meet Your Telaré Team

Telaré Law was founded by Andrea and George Telquist, two experienced trial attorneys who have built their reputation on their willingness and ability to take on large insurance companies. By working together on every case, they ensure that all clients receive the combined benefit of their unique backgrounds and perspectives.


When you get hurt and decide to pursue compensation for your harm and injuries, an insurance company will doubtlessly be involved in that process at one point or another. Sadly, it is of no consequence whether it’s your own insurance company or a third-party provider. The insurer will try to protect their own interests, which means putting profits before people.

We don’t think that’s right. It certainly isn’t fair or just. At Telaré Law, we fight against this injustice every day on behalf of people who are just trying to get back to the lives they had – or want very much to forge a new path forward. Our role is to help them, and you, find that path with the least amount of difficulty and heartache possible. When you choose us, you’re choosing:

There are a lot of firms out there just looking to settle cases quickly and move onto the next. That’s not how we operate. Every case we take is prepared for a trial – and every insurance company in the state knows it. Sometimes, just seeing our name listed as your counsel is enough to get to a better, more just settlement offer during negotiations. When those negotiations fail, we are ready to present your story to a jury.

People whose lives have changed in an instant have a lot of questions: how will I pay my bills? Who will look after my children? When will I feel normal again? How do I move forward? It is important to us that these questions get answered, and that our clients have access to resources and information that can help them. We do more than represent you in court: we work with your doctors to understand the true extent of your injuries, and help you find life planners and financial experts who can address your needs in the future. And because we take cases on contingency, it costs you nothing to work with us. Our consultations are free, and we don’t get paid until after we win your case.

We believe that every client deserves our undivided attention, and the full resources our firm can offer. That is why we are purposely selective in the cases we take. You work with our attorneys at every step, along with our team of dedicated legal professionals, because that is what your case needs in order to be successful.

Our Testimonials

Client Reviews

Highly Recommend

It took six years, 3 states and a new lawyer each state to finally get closure on a signed personal loan from a once trusted friend to close this chapter of my life. George and...

– KW star
Excellent service Amazing work

Had a case with Andrea J. Clare. She was a amazing and knowledgeable. Very organized, Her staff try to help and assist when needed Deserve above and beyond five stars Definitely recommend them.

– MH star
Honest, Well Educated.

Honest, Well Educated. We came from a different attorneys office and we were given an honest assessment of our case. Instead of just taking the case and wasting our time and money, they were realist...

– SP star
Exceptional Attorney

George Telquist has been an exceptional attorney throughout the entire process of my auto accident claim. He is very easy to talk to and clearly explains the entire process from start to finish. He has...

– CP star

Trusted Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers in Kennewick

There were 634 fatal vehicle accidents in Washington State in 2021, and a reported 2,888 injuries. The last time the numbers were this high was 2005. More pedestrians were killed in 2021 (121) than in the last 20 years. At Telaré Law, our injury attorneys know the truly devastating consequences of a serious vehicle accident, and the challenges you face when you seek compensation. We have secured millions of dollars on behalf of clients who have suffered life-altering injuries. We routinely represent clients injured in:

Whether you were hurt in a single-vehicle accident or a multi-car pileup, a collision on I-82 or on a rural road late at night, or in any vehicle-related incident, Telaré Law can help. We have particular experience with dangerous roadway claims, and can represent your best interests in cases against insurance companies or government agencies.

Contact us for aggressive representation for injury clients in and around Kennewick, WA

Living with the effects of a catastrophic injury is hard. Choosing the right lawyers to help you get justice shouldn’t be. The Kennewick personal injury lawyers of Telaré Law are here to help. To learn more about our services, or to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys, please call or fill out our contact form. Proudly serving Kennewick, Richland, Pasco, Walla Walla, and the entire Southeast region of Washington State.

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