When Is a Trucking Company Liable for a Crash?

When Is a Trucking Company Liable for a Crash?If you are involved in an accident with a semi-truck, you no doubt want to seek compensation for any injuries and damages you suffered. Filing a lawsuit against the driver alone may not secure you the financial reimbursement you deserve, as a lone driver may not be able to afford to pay for all your pain and suffering. However, usually that driver works for a larger company.

The truck company that hired that driver, or hired the inspector of the vehicles, or hired whoever is at fault for your injuries definitely has the finances available to compensate you. That is why if you are hurt by cargo falling off the back of a truck, or a fatigued driver swerving across lanes, or hazardous materials spilling onto the road, then you should seek to file a lawsuit against the trucking company responsible for the accident.

How is the trucking company responsible for your crash?

We know we can sue negligent drivers for causing accidents with other cars, pedestrians, and bicycles; but if the driver is a semi-truck driver under the employ of a larger trucking company, then that company can be held responsible for your injuries. If a cashier at a store assaults you while they are working, then the store itself can be held responsible. The same rule applies to truck drivers. Some of the ways in which a truck company can be held responsible include:

  • Negligent hiring practices. If the truck driver that caused the accident you were in was improperly or negligently hired, then you could file a lawsuit against the company for their poor hiring choices. In fact, teen truck drivers will soon be on highways everywhere, driving these large and unwieldy vehicles that may be carrying hazardous materials. Most teenagers do not have the experience necessary to recognize the dangers of the road or of their own cargo or vehicle. The driver they hired might be someone with a drinking or drug problem. These are all reasons why filing a lawsuit against the truck company makes sense.
  • Inadequate training. If the driver you were in an accident with did not receive the proper or adequate training in order to operate the vehicle, then the consequences should fall on the trucking company that did not train them properly.
  • Improper truck maintenance. A wheel that goes barreling down the highway, or a malfunction in the truck’s engine can mean that the truck was not maintained or repaired properly or regularly, as is required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).
  • Negligent driving. Just like with any other driver on the road, negligence often leads to accidents. The same is the same for truck drivers. They are hired by a truck company, and that company is responsible for their employees’ actions. The driver’s negligence can be attributed to the company itself. Negligent truck accidents come from distracted driving, driving under the influence, driving fatigue from driving long hours, speeding, and ignoring road signage.
  • Improper cargo loading. The FMCSA has regulations on how to properly load and store cargo, and if those regulations are broken, then the truck company can be held responsible.

Truck accidents can happen anywhere there is a semi-truck on the road. The resulting injuries are often severe or even fatal. You deserve to be compensated for the harm that was done to you. Do not let trucking companies convince you to settle so that they can save face. Our Kennewick truck accident attorneys will ensure that you get every dollar you deserve.

What are common injuries from truck accidents?

Since trucks are so much larger and heavier than the average four-door sedan, they can cause severe injury to the person and passengers in the smaller vehicle. If the accident does not kill the car driver on impact, the injuries they can suffer include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Burns
  • Broken bones
  • Road rash
  • Neck injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Internal organ damage

These injuries often require long hospital stays and costly procedures, or sometimes continue to result in complications resulting in permanent disability or victims succumbing to their injuries. Not only is there the physical pain to deal with, but the financial burden of the injuries. From hospital bills, loss of income from being unable to work, therapy, and more truck accidents affect not only your physical being, but your entire life.

Driving on the highway with semi-trucks is perhaps more dangerous than you think. The injuries from an accident with one of these large and heavy vehicles can change your life forever. That is why the Kennewick truck accident attorneys at Telaré Law think you deserve to be paid for your pain, suffering, and financial losses. Truck companies and their insurance companies may try to get you to settle on an amount that does not accurately represent your losses, and we think you deserve more than that. It was their negligence that caused your injuries, and they should pay the proper amount for their mistakes.

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