Would Speed Limiters Reduce Truck Accidents in Washington State?

Speed Limiters and Truck AccidentsSpeeding is one of the main causes of truck accidents in Washington. Indeed, it’s one of the main causes of any type of wreck in any state. But when you’ve got a semi-truck involved, there’s a lot more room for catastrophic damage. This has led researchers and truck safety experts to come up with and develop new ideas to prevent truck drivers from speeding. As a result, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is proposing the installation of speed limiters in big-rigs and commercial vehicles.

A speed limiter is a tool that can limit and control the speed of trucks. These limiters use sensors to keep track of how fast the trucker is driving, which sends an alert to their trucking company or other parties who oversee the speed of trucks. The speed limiters can reduce the truck’s speed by controlling the amount of air and fuel that the truck’s engine is allowed to consume. Here is how exactly this works:

  • The truck will use electronic sensors to determine its speed.
  • When the truck surpasses the required speed, a computer will reduce the air and fuel going into the engine.
  • The truck’s speed will begin to slow down.

Speed limiters do not have one specific speed. Instead, the party controlling the truck’s speed can change the maximum speed of the truck if needed.

What is the FMCSA’s proposal?

The FMCSA proposed the idea of speed limiters for large trucks last year, in 2022. This proposal was developed as a result of speed being a factor in traffic-related injuries and deaths in the United States. Therefore, the FMCSA believes that managing and reducing speed will decrease the number of injuries and fatalities that result from truck accidents.

The proposal states that if the intent becomes mandated, commercial trucks would be required to have speed limiters installed. As a result, their speed would be limited to reduce the number of truck accidents that occur across America. However, the FMCSA did not provide a maximum speed that should be set for the speed limiters, but the administration did acknowledge that driving “at a safe speed is essential for safe operations.”

How often is speeding a factor in truck accidents?

According to FMCSA’s proposal, there were close to 900 fatal accidents that occurred in areas of the United States where the speed limit was between 70 to 75 mph, and 24 fatal accidents occurred in areas with speed limits between 80 to 85 mph. In addition, about 20 percent of all traffic-related deaths happened on roads and highways with these speed limits (70 to 85 mph).

Can speed limiters reduce truck accidents in Kennewick, WA?

We think so.

Although there have been previous attempts to limit speed on trucks, such as the Cullum Owings Large Truck Safe Operating Speed Act of 2019 and the FMCSA’s 2016 proposal to only allow speed limits of 60-68 for large trucks, we think there is a good chance that the new speed limiter proposal may go through this time.

As the Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety pointed out, t speed limiters are already in effect in the European Union, and it is believed that these devices are preventing truck accidents and fatalities.So yes, we think implementing similar tools (along with education about how they work and why they’re necessary) could reduce Kennewick truck wrecks.

Of course, not all the trucking companies and lobbying groups think so. Some feel like this will just create more congestion, and could make it difficult to keep up with the flow of traffic – and that in and of itself could cause more crashes. And of course, there’s the whole “will the trucking companies push their drivers past their breaking point?” issue because they’ll need more time to deliver, and THAT could create more opportunities for accidents, too.

But we’ve got to do something, because the number of fatal accidents is rising and big trucks sit at the middle of a lot of them. So we think this is worth a real chance.

How a Kennewick truck accident attorney can help with your case

Truck accident cases are extremely complex. However, with the help of a Kennewick truck accident lawyer from Telaré Law, you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands. Our team will listen to your side of the story, investigate your truck accident, collect the proper evidence needed, and build a strong and aggressive legal case against the defendant.

It is important that you are aware of the fact that trucking companies and insurance companies are known to put up a fight when it comes to truck accidents. They are likely to refuse to cooperate, disagree on a fair settlement, and look for everything they can to deny any accusations against them. So you need strong truck accident attorneys by your side who will protect your rights from beginning to end. At Telaré Law, we will legally assist you every step of the way, ensuring that you understand what is happening with your case and what legal options you should pursue.

Based on our experience and knowledge of truck accidents, our team knows what strategies you should take, the evidence you need, and what will work and not work when it comes to your claim. The truck accident lawyers at Telaré Law always have your best interests in mind – and we’re not afraid of insurance companies, either.

The losses you can claim from a speeding truck accident in Kennewick, WA

If you were injured in a crash with a speeding 18-wheeler, you most likely have a long recovery ahead of you and need help receiving compensation to get you through this tough time. We can help you seek damages like:

  • Medical expenses, including for therapy, counseling, medications, and even transportation costs to and from doctors
  • Lost wages and any loss of future earning potential
  • Pain and suffering, both physical and emotional/mental
  • Property damage costs
  • Daily living expenses that you may or may not have had before the wreck, like the cost of home modifications, daycare, or hired services
  • Loss of quality of life

The Kennewick truck accident lawyers at Telaré Law proudly help victims of truck accidents. Our team will take the time to determine the amount of compensation that you are owed, and we will never settle for less than you deserve. You can call our office in Kennewick or submit our contact form to schedule your free case evaluation. We also maintain an office in Richland.