What Is Patient Abandonment and Is It Malpractice?

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Did you know that if you are abandoned as a patient or prematurely discharged from a hospital or other care facility you may have a case for medical malpractice? Patient abandonment happens when a doctor is a doctor-patient relationship abruptly without a valid reason, and the patient may be left with no replacement healthcare provider which causes their condition to worsen. To avoid this situation a competent doctor would give the patient notice of terminating the relationship so that they have time to find a replacement. They should also give the patient recommendations for a new doctor to help start their search, and provide the new doctor with the patient’s medical records. So what happens when that does not happen?

A common example of patient abandonment is when a doctor with posttreatment based on the patient failing to pay the medical bill, and it may also happen when a doctor fosters time within a reasonable time to a patient who needs urgent care and when the medical staff those to communicate urgent questions with patients the doctor when a doctor does not properly schedule follow-up appointment so just rapidly developing conditions.

However on the other hand patient abandonment does not cover situations in which the patient violates the doctors policy, such as the patient missing an appointment, the patient engaging in threatening conduct with the doctor or the patient failing to follow the instructions the doctor gives them. If you have questions about whether you have medical malpractice due to patient abandonment, reaching out to a medical malpractice lawyer, such as one available at Wieand Law Firm LLC, can help you. 

Proving a patient abandonment claim can be hard. State laws provide a broad range of definition of patient abandonment but there are some common themes, you will need to show that there was a doctor-patient relationship and as such that the doctor was in the process of treating you and they abandoned you. Generally you will need to prove that the doctor abandoned you while you so needed medical attention rather than your needs having been resolved. Another critical element for the claim is that the patient must not have been given reasonable time to find a replacement doctor to assist in finding a replacement after the doctor terminated the relationship. As with other personal injury claims you will have to show that you suffered injuries or other quantifiable losses because of the abandonment of your doctor, this often means proving that your condition became worse because it went untreated for an unreasonable amount of time.

Premature discharge from hospitals is an issue somewhat similar to patient abandonment, and it is where hospitals discharge a patient too early. This often happens when a hospital is overcrowded or has not got enough staff. However, logical issues do not excuse a hospital for failing to properly stabilize a patient’s condition, diagnose or treat and conduct necessary tasks. You can try to prevent being discharged early by raising the issue with the doctor that is treating you and making clear that you are still suffering serious health conditions or discomfort and you cannot care for yourself. If you have been discharged to early Cambrian medical malpractice claim to be, you will need an expert to testify that a competent healthcare professional in the same situation one not upon you ready to be discharged, if you can establish the liability of a hospital or doctor and he can potentially recover compensation for pain and suffering that you’ve endured as well as medical cost for follow-up treatment of your condition.