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Every patient who seeks medical care hopes to get better – or at least, hopes not to get worse. Hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare providers must be held accountable when they make mistakes that cost a patient his/her life. They deserve to be held liable if their negligence prevents or delays treatment of a disorder or causes direct injury to the patient. Doctors are required to practice in a manner consistent with the standards of their chosen practice area.

When deaths or harm occurs due to medical malpractice, you can count on Telaré Law to provide the experienced trial advocacy you need. Medical malpractice cases are difficult, and doctors and hospitals will fight to preserve their reputations. Most medical malpractice cases involve life-changing consequences for the patients and families. Our Kennewick medical malpractice lawyers are ready for these challenges. We work with a network of competent physicians who help us show what the healthcare provider did wrong, and how their negligence changed your life and ended the life of a loved one. Contact us today to get started.

What our clients are saying

What separates George and Andrea from other lawyers in the area is how personable they are. They are fantastic listeners with big hearts and they care not only about the cases themselves but the story, the families, and the hardship that goes along with them. George and Andrea take their time and go above and beyond. They do the perfect amount of digging to make sure no stone is left unturned when they are wrapped up in a case. 100% recommend.

- Jess Trotter

What’s required to prove medical malpractice in Kennewick?

There are four basic requirements for proving a medical malpractice:

  • Was there a professional-patient relationship? A patient must have a professional relationship with a doctor, a hospital, or another healthcare provider. These relationships are usually shown through the intake records when the patient goes to the doctor’s office, the hospital, a diagnostic center, or another facility.
  • Did the doctor or healthcare provider fail to provide the type of care that is standard for his profession? Doctors are required to be properly certified and educated. Washington has state medical boards that govern the practice of medicine for various specialties and practices. Each practice has its own competency standards based on how other healthcare providers treat specific disorders, procedures, and complications.
  • Did the lack of competent medical care cause injury or loss? We work with independent doctors who can verify that your harm, disorders, or the death of a loved one was due to the breach of the doctor’s duty of competent medical care.
  • Did you suffer damages as a result of your injuries? Damages can be economic or non-economic. We work with life planners, financial experts, and medical experts to build a case for your damages to present to a jury or during settlement negotiations.

What types of medical malpractice cases do your Kennewick lawyers handle?

Our lawyers handle complex medical malpractice litigation, including the following acts of negligence:

  • Medication errors. Doctors need to prescribe the correct medications in the correct dosages for your medical disorders. They need to understand what other medications you are using. They need to explain the known risks of using each type of drug. Pharmacists may be liable if they fail to fill the prescription correctly. Nurses and nursing homes may be liable if they fail to give patients and residents the correct medications at the proper times.
  • Diagnostic errors. These errors include making an improper diagnosis and not making a timely diagnosis. Both types of errors often mean a preventable or treatable disorder worsens. Diagnostic mistakes involving cancer, heart disease, and other diseases can cause death. Diagnostic mistakes may also include ordering the wrong diagnostic tests.
  • Surgical errors. Surgeons and their staff need to anticipate the types of problems that may occur. Common surgical mistakes include anesthesia mistakes, leaving instruments inside the patient, failure to monitor the patient, and failure to respond to emergencies or complications. In rare cases, surgeons may operate on the wrong patient or on the wrong body part.
  • Birth injuries. Obstetricians, midwives, nurses, and other medical professionals need to understand the risks to both the mother and child during the pregnancy, labor, and delivery, and in the post-partum period. Mistakes can cost a mother and/or her child their lives.
  • Emergency Room errors. Emergency Room patients require immediate responses. Delays in seeing a patient may be fatal. ER doctors need to diagnose patients properly. They need to order and provide the correct emergency treatments.
  • Nursing home neglect & abuse. Nursing homes need to properly vet their employees. They need to ensure the safety of their residents. Nursing homes and staff should be held accountable for physical, emotional, sexual, and financial abuse.

Healthcare providers may also be held liable for failing to obtain a written informed consent from a patient, failing to monitor a patient’s condition, and releasing a patient from a hospital too quickly.

What types of harm does medical malpractice cause?

Medical malpractice rarely causes only one kind of harm. Often, victims are subjected to a “ripple effect” of secondary injuries and losses. The injuries to patients differ depending on the type of medical mistake and the type of medical malpractice. Common injuries include:

  • The need for corrective surgeries and/or corrective treatments.
  • The continuation and/or worsening of a medical disorder that could have been treated.
  • A new injury, such as when a doctor amputates the wrong arm.
  • The incurrence of a new disorder such as when doctors prescribe medications that you’re allergic to which can cause fatal or severe allergic reactions.
  • Anxiety and depression due to the medical malpractice.
  • Infections, heart failure, breathing disorders, and many other health disorders.

Who is liable for medical malpractice in Kennewick?

Medical malpractice lawsuits often have multiple liable parties. Our Kennewick medical malpractice lawyers file claims against all responsible healthcare professionals and entities, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Doctors and physicians
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Midwives
  • Emergency medical providers
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Medical laboratories
  • Medical technicians

How much is my medical malpractice claim worth?

At Telaré Law, our Kennewick medical malpractice lawyers begin negotiating with insurance companies when a correct diagnosis of your injuries is made, and any corrective procedures or treatments are near completion. We work to verify through medical reports, testimony, and other evidence all the ways that medical malpractice affected you economically and personally.

We demand compensation for:

  • All medical bills – including corrective surgeries, hospitalizations, doctor visits, therapy, emotional counseling, assistive devices, and medications – for as long as you need them.
  • Any income loss because the malpractice prevents you from working, now and for the rest of your life.
  • Your physical pain and emotional suffering, now and for the rest of your life. This includes all your aches, pains, and worries. It also includes any functional losses such as not being able to walk, drive, or enjoy your children.
  • Compensation for any scarring or disfigurement including psychological counseling.
  • Loss of consortium.

If the doctor’s malpractice is wanton or reckless, we file a claim for punitive damages.

In the most tragic case, a patient dies due to medical malpractice. We then file wrongful death cases on behalf of the eligible family members such as the spouse, children, and parents, to seek these damages as well as funeral and burial expenses.

What is the time limit for filing a medical malpractice claim in Kennewick?

Medical malpractice claims and wrongful death claims must be filed within three years of the injury or death. Some exceptions may apply, if, for example, you didn’t reasonably know there was medical error until you saw another doctor. When the victim is a minor, the statute may be tolled until her or she reaches the ages of 18.

But that doesn’t mean you should delay in speaking with a Kennewick medical malpractice lawyer from Telaré Law. If you suspect or know a medical error occurred, you should contact us immediately. Memories fade with time. The earlier you see us, the earlier we can review whether you need to see other doctors. If a doctor is negligent in your case, he/she may be negligent with other patients, too. Your lawsuit could be the thing that stops other families from suffering similar losses.

Can I afford a Kennewick medical malpractice attorney?

Yes, you can. Telaré Law takes all medical malpractice cases on contingency. That means you pay nothing unless we win your case. In fact, we take our fees from your award, so you never have to put your hand in your pocket for anything. Even the initial consultation is free.

Do you have a medical malpractice attorney near me?

Telaré Law maintains an office in Kennewick at 819 South Auburn St. and an additional office in Richland. We make home and hospital visits for clients who are too ill or injured to meet with us at our office.

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Telaré Law has earned the respect of former clients and our legal peers for our advocacy in medical malpractice case. We represent patients and families when doctors breach their duty of competent to care. To discuss you claim, call our Kennewick injury lawyers at 509-737-8500 or use our contact form. The consultation is free. We represent malpractice victims in Kennewick, Richland, Pasco, Walla Walla, Pullman, Othello, Moses Lake, Ritzville, and all Southeast Washington.

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