Are Chiropractors Real Doctors

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Are Chiropractors Real Doctors

When you suffer a back or neck injury or deal with chronic joint pain as a result of a bad collision or slip and fall accident, there are few professionals better equipped to help you with your problem than a chiropractor. A personal injury attorney can help you obtain an award of damages from a court of law; however, medical professionals will be able to help with the long lasting pain of that injury. These trained professionals have specialized medical training in the art of spinal manipulation and adjustment and know how to tweak the body with precise movements to relieve pain.

Despite the professional’s expertise in treating the body, there is often some confusion about their medical standing. Are chiropractors doctors?

Title, Certification, and Training

Chiropractors typically hold the title of doctors of chiropractic. While the word doctor is in their professional title, they are not doctors in the traditional or medical sense. An MD is different from a chiropractor and typically has a more expansive knowledge of medical treatments and ailments. However, while not a medical doctor, a chiropractor is often viewed by insurance companies as a primary care physician, meaning you do not need to seek a referral to receive treatment.

Despite the classification, a chiropractor is a skilled and trained medical professional. Like doctors, they must obtain an undergraduate degree with a scientific focus. They will enroll in a four-year chiropractic graduate program following their undergrad program with a Council on Chiropractic Education accredited college.

Following the additional four-year program, students will need to find a residency program for an additional two to three years. In all, a successful student will spend up to 11 years training to be a chiropractor before being allowed to take the licensing exam.

After receiving their license, a doctor of chiropractic is not finished with their education. In order to stay current in the field and maintain their license, they must take regular continuing education classes.


A doctor of chiropractic can specialize in several different chiropractic methods, of which there are over 100. These chiropractors will often advertise themselves as using integrated or diversified techniques. However, there is no evidence to suggest that one method of therapy is better than any other.

Despite not being a medical doctor, a chiropractor like the one who provides services at AmeriWell Clinics is a competent medical professional, especially in the area of the musculoskeletal system. However, it should be clear that a doctor of chiropractic is not a medical doctor, but a medical professional. The amount of schooling and training they receive is equivalent to other medical professions. If you are curious about chiropractic care, contact a local chiropractor to schedule a consultation.