Brain Injury Lawyer Tri-Cities, WA

Brain Injury Lawyer Tri-Cities, WA

Brain Injury Lawyer Tri-Cities, WA- upset man sitting with hands on kneesHead and brain injuries are going to be very devastating injuries because they do not always get diagnosed right away. Sometimes these types of injuries are caused by an accident or medical negligence and no matter the case there are medical ramifications. There are often emotional, physical, and psychological effects to brain injuries that can last most of your life. You can find yourself with cognitive functioning errors and memory difficulties after a brain injury of this sort.  

Brain injuries can even cause changes in behaviors such as in entire personality changes, this means that somebody was even-tempered before it can become very violent towards their loved ones. If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury due to somebody else’s negligence you are deserving of compensation, and you should reach out to a brain injury lawyer Tri-Cities, WA residents rely on such as the ones available Telare Law.

A traumatic brain injury is described as a bump, jolt, or head injury that causes damage to the brain by the United States National Library of Medicine. The mildest type of injury that you may receive your head is called a concussion and that happens if the brain violently collides with the skull, and even though a concussion is classified to be mild the effects can be permanent and even disabling.

Some common symptoms of a concussion that are not apparent in the beginning are: lasting or worsening headache, vomiting and nausea, convulsions, inability to wake up from sleep, slurred speech, numbness in the arms and legs, dilated pupils, change in behavior, and confusion.

Furthermore, concussions and other types of brain injuries can cause hemorrhages, hematomas, skull fractures, edema, diffuse axonal injuries, anoxic brain injuries and more. When you are aiming to establish liability for brain injury that you received you must find out if somebody owed you duty of care. Duty of care is usually between somebody who, as an example, is driving on the road. When you are driving on the road your duty is to follow the laws of the road and keep every one including yourself safe. If you do not follow these laws and somebody becomes injured because of that, then you have broken your duty of care if you are liable for the injuries. 

This applies to any type of injury case, another example is if you are going to the doctor and your doctor is negligent in your care and you become injured or disabled due to that, then you have a case because your doctor was negligent. There are many ways to prove that somebody was negligent, and it usually comes down to the laws and rules that are surrounding the circumstances. If you are working in a construction site and they have neglected OSHA guidelines then they would be negligent if somebody became injured.

After you have proven the negligence of the other party with the help of your brain injury lawyer in Tri-Cities, WA then you can usually receive compensation that is dependent upon the severity of the injury, the coverage that was offered by the liable parties insurance company, the liable party’s ability to pay the amount above the insurance coverage limits and more.