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Dog Bite Lawyer Richland WADogs are beloved pets and gentle companions to millions but, as a dog bite lawyer Richland, WA residents trust can confirm, not all dogs live up to this reputation. Statistics show that roughly 4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year. Of these attacks, about 800,000 are serious enough to require medical attention.

If you’ve been bitten and seriously injured by another person’s dog, you have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries. Our firm’s Richland, WA dog bite lawyer team can help to clarify your rights under the law and help you make an informed decision about pursuing legal action. 

Experienced Dog Bite Lawyer In Richland, WA

Who Pays When a Dog Bites?

Most of the time, dog-bite injuries are compensated by the dog owner’s homeowner insurance policy. In 2018 alone, insurers in the United States paid out over $675 million in liability claims related to dog bites and injuries.

Although it is a relief to know that money is available for dog-bite victims through homeowner insurance policies, these claims rarely get paid fully and fairly without a fight. As the victim of a dog bite, you may need to file litigation to get the insurance company to take the claim seriously, much less offer a fair settlement. This is one of the reasons why it is important to contact an experienced dog-bite injury lawyer as soon as reasonably possible after an attack.

Evidence That May Be Important in Litigation

In many cases, we are able to obtain fair settlements with homeowner insurers without needing to take cases to trial. But if it is necessary to take the case to court, it is usually valuable to focus on the history of the dog and its owners to show that such an attack should have been foreseen and prevented.

Here are just some factors we will examine when building a case on your behalf:

  • Whether the dog was neutered (neutering reduces aggression in males, and non-neutered dogs are responsible for the vast majority of serious bites)
  • Whether the dog had any previous history of bites or attacks
  • Whether the owners had or trained the dog for any purpose other than as a household pet (such as an attack dog or guard dog)
  • Whether the animal had received regular veterinary care prior to the attack (to help spot behavioral or health warning signs)
  • Whether the animal had been mistreated or abused by its owners
  • Whether the owners took reasonable steps to keep the dog leashed and contained at all times

You Have Legal Options – Contact Us To Discuss Them

The skilled attorneys at Telaré Law are ready to help you seek full compensation for your dog-bite injuries and reduce the likelihood that the dog that attacked you will go on to harm others. We are intimately familiar with Washington statutes and case law governing dog-bite claims and we will utilize that knowledge and experience to help you build the strongest possible case for compensation. To discuss your legal options during a free initial consultation, contact our office today to speak to a dog-bite lawyer Richland, WA residents know and trust.