Tri-Cities Dog Bite Lawyer

A dog attack happens in an instant.  You might just be taking a walk through your neighborhood or at a trusted friend’s house when an aggressive dog alters your life. Dog attacks happen more often than you expect, every year millions of people are aggressively assaulted by a dog. A violent dog attack can leave life-altering physical scars and life-long emotional trauma. It takes time, medical treatment, and financial support to overcome the injuries inflected by an aggressive dog attack.

If you or a loved one have been harmed in a dog bite accident or dog attack, let our team of personal injury lawyers in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas fight for you.


Tri-Cities Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog attacks occur when the owner responsible for the animal is negligent or loses control of their dog. If you or someone you love were injured due to the negligence of a dog owner, we encourage you to pursue your legal rights.

Without a medical or legal background, you cannot be expected to know your rights after a traumatic dog attack. At Telaré Law PLLC our dog attack attorneys have experience in effectively pursuing your dog bite claims and walk you through every step of this legal process. Washington State laws hold dog owners responsible for the injuries inflicted by their dogs. Oftentimes, a homeowner’s insurance policy is available to provide just and fair compensation.

Dog Bite Personal Injury Claims

We work diligently to get you the maximum compensation for your dog bite injury claim. We review all aspects of an individual’s claim to calculate the value your case. There are many factors to calculate the monetary loss from a dog attack:

  • Permanent injury
  • Medical bills
  • Therapy/treatment
  • Loss of wages
  • Exhausting your savings
  • Disfigurement

When you are a victim of a traumatic dog attack you need an injury lawyer who can help you with the insurance companies, by fighting for you and protecting your rights. You need time to physically and emotionally recover after the trauma of a dog attack. Telaré Law is here to help.

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At Telaré Law we demand your deserved compensation for your loss. We have the dedication, knowledge, and resources necessary to help you quickly pursue a claim. Don’t settle, contact Telaré Law today to speak with an experienced dog bite lawyer.