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All vehicle accidents are tragic to those involved but accidents involving commercial vehicles, tractor trailers or semi-trucks are even more devastating. Due the larger vehicle size, commercial truck drivers are required to have extra driving training, unfortunately this extra training doesn’t always prevent the dozens of destructive truck accidents involving Washington State drivers every day. These oversized vehicles require longer stopping distances and have greater blind spots which is a large contributor to the devastation these vehicles cause on the road.

Tri-Cities Trucking Accident Lawyer

Our Tri-Cities truck accident lawyer knows that trucking accidents occur when large vehicle drivers on the road are inattentive and not driving with the necessary precision. If you or someone you love were injured due to the mistakes of a professional commercial driver, trailer, or a semi-truck driver, don’t settle, pursue your legal rights.

At Telaré Law, our lawyers have years of experience handling truck accidents for victims in the Tri-Cities. We will passionately pursue your legal rights to maximum compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured and guide you through the legal process.

Trucking Accident Personal Injury Claim

Victims of a trucking accident find themselves with painful injuries, work loss, emotional trauma, and financial strain. Insurance companies often reject liability for accidents, but we vigorously find details about your accident, communicate with the truck owner or trucking company, and pursue maximum compensation for you. As a victim of a trucking accident there are many factors to potential grounds for filing a lawsuit against a negligent truck driver:

  • Failure to yield
  • Following too closely
  • Driving distracted
  • Mechanical failure
  • Equipment that is unmaintained
  • Inclement weather
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Drug involvement

When you are a victim of a tragic trucking accident you need an accident lawyer to help you with the insurance companies, fight for you, and protect your rights. You need time to physically and emotionally recover after the trauma from your accident. Telaré Law is here to fight for you.

When you want to file a personal injury claim after you have been in a truck accident, getting the help of a lawyer for Tri-Cities, Washington truck accidents can be incredibly valuable. Because of the weight of trucks and how fast they go on the road, if you were a victim in a truck accident, you are likely dealing with physical and emotional injuries that are hard to overcome. Many people find that they need years of counseling after they have been injured in a truck accident or that they have months or years of recovery regarding their physical injuries. If you would like to learn what steps you should take after you have been in a truck accident, contact our office now. We would like to help you. 

When it comes to filing a personal injury claim after a truck accident, many people believe that they have a slam dunk. Trucks are large and any damage that is done to you or their car obviously proves that the truck driver was responsible, right? Not necessarily. We still have the burden of proving that it was the truck driver (or a third party) who was responsible for causing the accident to happen. There are a few things you can do to help ensure you have a solid claim when filing for damages. Your truck accident lawyer in Tri-Cities can help you with this. 

  • Have a Doctor Check You Out. Your only concern immediately following a truck accident is making sure a doctor looks at you and gives you a full scan. Accidents as serious as truck accidents can cause internal damage that you may be unaware of. It is not uncommon for truck accident victims to suffer from spinal injuries or traumatic brain injuries. Make sure your doctor knows you have been in a truck accident so they can treat you accordingly. 
  • Call Insurance. Speaking with insurance companies can be difficult, and we do not recommend you speak with the truck company’s insurance agents. However, you should notify your insurance company even if you do not believe you are going to file a claim with them. 
  • Keep Records of Everything. You never know what you can win compensation for, so when you do anything related to your injuries from the truck accident, keep records and receipts. Keep things like medical bills, gas going to and from hospital visits, therapy session bills, physical therapy bills, and any tools or services you need if you need physical help getting around after an accident. Show these to your attorney. 

Contact the Preeminent Personal Injury Lawyers to fight your Truck Accident Claim

We know that there are many more losses in a trucking accident than simply your vehicle, including emotional trauma and the potential loss of work. At Telaré Law, we demand your deserved compensation for your loss. We have the dedication, knowledge, and resources necessary to help you quickly pursue a claim. Don’t settle, contact Telaré Law today to speak with an experienced Tri-Cities truck accident lawyer.

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