What Happens if You Are Partly at Fault for a Car Accident? 

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Determining fault in a car accident can be incredibly difficult. Everything often happens so quickly that both parties have a hard time processing exactly what happened. This is why you need to hire a car accident lawyer, like one from Tuttle Law, P.A., before speaking with anyone about what happened in a car accident. You may forget crucial details about what happened or someone could influence what you believe happened by leading you with questioning. A car accident lawyer will be able to protect your rights and help figure out exactly what happened and who was at fault. 

You Should Never Admit Fault

As mentioned above, you should not admit fault for anything that happened in the car accident. Everything likely happened so fast that your brain is still processing the events of what happened. Decline to speak with authorities until a lawyer is present with you. You do not want to say something just to be nice to the other driver, only to have it completely wash any responsibility from the other party’s hands of fault in the accident. If you think that you could have done something to cause the accident, voice this concern with your lawyer. He or she will be able to look into these details to see if it was your fault the accident happened or if it would have happened anyway. 

You Can Still Seek Compensation

Even if you were doing one or two things that contributed to the accident, you still may be able to recover damages from the other party. If the accident was primarily caused because of the other person being negligent, he or she should have to pay to help fix your vehicle and any medical bills you incur. A good car accident lawyer will be able to tell you the laws of your state and whether or not you can seek compensation for bills from the accident. Odds are, you will have something that you can still recover from the other party being negligent. 

Do Not Hesitate to Call a Lawyer

It is important to reach out to a car accident lawyer before speaking with anyone else and in order to meet the statute of limitations for filing. If you do not decide to seek compensation by the required date, you will not be able to collect any sort of financial assistance for the accident. Every state has a statute of limitations in which a victim needs to file their case by. If you miss this — even because you did not know about it or were busy — it will be impossible to open a case for your accident. 

Most personal injury lawyers who specialize in car accident cases have free initial consultations, then work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not have to pay your lawyer unless you win your case. It is worth asking about and seeking assistance if you were involved in a car accident. After all, it is usually completely risk free to do so.